Why hide existing search buttons and links?

Shopify stores have a wide variety of themes available, and some of them have links or buttons to navigate to the search page. 

As the position of these links in many of these themes is not the most appropriate, Clever Predictive Search Bar's default behaviour is to hide those buttons and links that link to the search results page and provide a new search button. Our algorithm finds the most suitable placement for the search button, making it completely visible and accessible on any device, and integrated with the theme styles.

We recommend that you keep the option unchecked to hide those links enabled, as shown in the following image:

However, If this preference is enabled, it may happen that more than one search button appears in the store, and it may cause confusion for the buyer.

Note: this option is available only when the search button type is setting to: "icon", "text and icon" or "text". When the search button type is setting to  "Keep default theme search icon" this preferences is enabled automatically.  

See the article How can I configure the type of search button?

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