How to make the most of the Clever Predictive Search Bar app

Just after installing and enabling the Clever Predictive Search Bar app, you can see how the app has created a search button near the cart button, usually located at the head of the store.

However, if you consider that the location of this button is not the most appropriate, you can configure it by following this article or contact our customer support.

After that, you can adjust different parameters of the search button such as size, button text, colors, etc. To do this, you must access the page from the Search Button preferences link as seen in the following image

Finally, if you want to configure the number of results itself and the way in which the products are shown to the user (with or without price or image), in addition to other informative texts that will be shown to the possible buyer, you must access the  Searcher Box preferences menu as seen in the following image.

After the app is customised, you will get this to look like the following image:

A search engine will open when you click on the search button, similar to the one in the following screenshot:

Just type anything to start to find products with our predictive search algorithm:

Please feel free to play with the different app options, and  don't hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance with the app.

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