How does the trial system work?

When you install our app for the first time, you can use it free of charge for a trial period.

So, when the app is installed in the store for the first time, the trial period starts right away and finishes whenever you use this period; meaning that if you installed the app on March 01, 2021, then you uninstalled it on March 02, 2021, you will have spent only 1 day of the trial period. Thus, if you trial period is 7 days, the next time you install the app, you will have 6 days of the trial period. 

During the time of your free trial, you won't be charged.  If you don't want to be charged when the trial period expires, you must uninstall the app before that date. 

You can see exactly when your trial period expires in the " Account overview" section of the app preferences page (Home).

The trial period is meant to be enjoyed once for each store. However, we offer the full trial period again IF the difference between the installation and the last uninstallation date is longer than 6 months.

We are following the trial system suggested in the Shopify documentation at

Note: If you uninstall the app and install it again after the trial period, you will be charged immediately. 

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