How can I hide the price for some products?

If you want to hide the price of certain products displayed in the app widget, just add the tag  hide-price-tsh-viewed-product-assistant to those products from the products section of your Shopify admin zone, as explained at the end of the Location preferences section:

To add a product tag, simply go to the ' Products' section in your Shopify admin zone: 

Then, select a product and go to its ' TAGS' section:

Add the tag and click on the ' Save' button. 

Please note that Shopify may take a few minutes to make these changes effective. You can watch this Shopify video (starting a minute 7:00) for more info about adding new tags to products.

Here is an example of two products with the previous tag added:

Note: If you already have the app widget visible with seen products in your store, and you add the tag to one of these products, the change won't be reflected until you click on that product. By viewing the product page, its stored data will be updated and reflected when displayed on the widget again. 

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