Is the app displayed on the homepage?

In addition to product pages,  Viewed Products Assistant can also be displayed on the homepage. To do so, just go to the Widget location section and enable the Show widget on homepage option:

The app will automatically locate the widget in an engaging position on the homepage. However, the widget can be configured to locate in any place of the homepage. You can always contact us for help but, if you are familiar with web technologies, you can also try to do it by instructing the app where you want the widget to be located within your HTML markup.

To do so, take a look at the preferences that are displayed when enabling the Show widget on homepage option:

The Homepage widget location selector value must be a jQuery selector pointing to the element next to which you want to position the widget. Then, choose the appropriate Homepage widget placement value in order to position the widget after, before, as the first child or as the last child of the configured element.

You can also use a different values for mobile devices, if the theme markup is different on mobile.

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