How to make the most of the Viewed Products Assistant app

Just after installing and enabling the Viewed Products Assistant app, as you visit different products on your store you will see how the app shows those recently viewed products in an engaging way on your product pages.

Note that the first time you visit a product page, no recently viewed products will be displayed as there are none of them. Please visit a second different product to start displaying recently viewed products in the app widget.

Although our app is ready to start working instantly, if you need to make the most, the app has multiple configuration options which you can tune to better suit your Shopify store needs. 

First of all, in the app preferences page, adjust the number of products to be displayed in the widget:

Then, in case you need to change the widget location, go to the Widget location section in the app preferences page and configure your desired position.

Finally, configure the title of the widget, the product name, price, add to cart button, and variant selector styles in the 'Visual preferences' section.

These steps are enough to make your customers enjoy the Viewed Products Assistant app. For more info, please take a look at our support articles.

If you need something else, feel free to contact our customer service team, we will always be glad to help you.

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